Spot on - "The new underground railroad". The midterm variant of concern has left the lab and the new current thing borg is forming. Brace for "mostly peaceful protests" against family clinics and churches, celebrity instashame signaling, some new emoji or logo (designed months ago) to be blasted everywhere, followed by an emergency declaration by Papa Dementia's handlers via his empty suit and constant gas lighting that abortion has been banned across the country because of this decision.

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Thanks Jon for a great article. States' power is our only hope at this point. If we could only get the States' ability to take control of seating their own Senators then we could really have power returned to the people!

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I have little faith in the Supreme court doing anything in favor of the people or the constitution over that of the "government’s” benefit. Those in power evidenced by the past 2 years have little regard for life or constitutional rights so why the sudden reversal on Roe v Wade? Are we supposed to believe they now see the legal light? Now they see the value in human life? Please...

It’s just another example in the long series of events to gaslight and distract. What’s going to be the reaction to this decision? “Real wrath-of-God-type stuff. Fire and brimstone coming from the sky! Rivers and seas boiling! Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes! Volcanoes! The dead rising from the grave! Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!” Yeah, I ripped that off from a movie script but it’s appropriate since this is another scripted event. Just turn on the news and see for yourselves. It just the same tired tropes… pack the courts, female rights/endangered lives, take to the streets, genuflecting CEOs and politicians.

What’s changing with abortion as a result of this decision? Fundamentally nothing. Planned Parenthood is still being subsidized, isn’t it? Settle down Margaret, they're keeping up the good work.

What’s ultimately going to change as a result of this decision? What do you think…

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"Regardless of state or federal, we ALL should have the right to do with our bodies as we see fit."

NikkiBop, that "RIGHT" includes your unborn baby, yes? A person has, as an option, the right to choose not to have unprotected sex and become pregnant in the first place. Making poor choices that have unwanted outcomes does not give anyone the "RIGHT" to terminate another person's life, especially the most vulnerable, the unborn baby - IMO. (From a father of 2. We don't all skip out).

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Regardless of state or federal, we ALL should have the right to do with our bodies as we see fit. Whether it’s refusing a poison death shot or not wanting to carry a baby. If actual, born as male men were forced to carry babies to term REGARDLESS then believe me abortion would be legal and there’d be no further discussion. My boyfriend got me pregnant at 16 and then quickly left town. That’s most men’s RESPONSE to an unwanted pregnancy. They don’t have to raise a child now for the next 18 years. Nope. Always falls to the woman.

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There is no “ right” to abortion. Our founders thought this through well. Federalism is the best practical design of govt that promotes prosperity , national security and sovereignty .

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Because, since 1871 the USA has been incorporated, and at that time, the title and contents of the constitution were illegally changed, does the USA exist as a state? How is the USA inc. different from other corporatized agencies that unite states such as NATO or the EU? France is a state. Germany is a state. Florida is a state. Is the USA inc. a state? We may have noticed that the USA does not enforce its borders or laws. Could that be because corporations have no borders or laws? The USA inc. has nothing but company policy, and its policy is to ignore the borders and the laws. In 1871 the title of the constitution was changed from The Constitution of the USA, to the Constitution for the USA (perhaps making it a legal fiction). Also, the 14th amendment was done away with...the one that said that office holders of the USA may not hold titles from foreign states. None of these changes were done through the legal methods stated in the constitution (3/4 of states ratify or Article 5 convention). Is it possible that allegiance to the USA has made us all traitors to our states? Plato was a statist. Most philosophers throughout history have agreed with him. What would he have said about the USA?

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Thanks Jon!! Victoria Australia x

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I imagine this: Eve is a 35-week pregnant woman goes to the black market to have a rogue "doctor" kill his baby in a State that forbids prenatal infanticide. The woman gets caught and is convicted. Later, in prison, she gets pregnant again from a torrid romance with a transsexual warden named Ava.

Conservatives propose a law to force abortions on woman prisoners having love relationships with trans-wardens. Progressives negotiate and accept to vote for that law only if the pregnant prisoner is of a different race than the warden, or if both are black.

Minutes before being forced into the clinic, the Governor of the State signs a pardon for Eve, nullifying the romance with Ava, the tranny-warden, and saving the fetus' life, as the now pardoned woman and her wife desired.

In the last scene, the fetus learns about the National Debt and commits suicide with the umbilical cord.

Commenting the news from Rome, the Pope says that she does not understand when did America became as complicated as an Italian Opera of the old days.

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Timing is everything, so they think this was a good time to do what should have been the decision in the first place. The timing is for "their" choosing.

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Why is this story labeled with a warning and which institution is issuing the warnings? My hypothesis which has held true absolutely by me without exception is that it is the Deep State which has been illegally, but unconstitutionally, given immunity from prosecution by the US #JusticeDepartment which we learned this week 6-20-22 watching the January 6 (2020) hearings from the senior Justice Department Attorney Generals and Legal Counsels the the Justice Department considers its “client” the “government” not the “people”.

My Declaration of Independence therefore is that, like the declaration of my distant cousin in 1776, Richard Henry Lee, in his “committee of correspondence, is that this is the basis we now have for impeaching the Republican Party / Federalist Society Party and the millions of Americans who have bought into the entire “Nazi” party ideology - all of whom are guilty by Association as is the hypotheses proven by Jeff Gates in the book Guilty by Association which has been suppressed like all the other investigative intelligence analysts which exposed John Roberts and the Republican Party and the Democratic Party and the Green Party and and the Libertarian Party as a police state on the model of a Right wing Nazi Fascist SS OSS.

All the Supreme Court Justices starting with John Roberts should step down now for crime of treason, high crimes and misdemeanors of representing the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and Opus Dei Catholic Information Center and the Ultra Zionist Power Configuration as defined by James Petras and Russ Bellant.

Their fundamental treason is their judicial philosophy and policy that is fundamentally in opposition to the spirit and letter of the US Declaration of Independence and the US Constitition - especially the Amendments to the constitution.

Their crime is dismantling our rights by deliberately mis-interpreting the constitution in order to dismantle the US Federal State and replace it with the idea that the 10th amendment gives sovereignty to the “states” and the “unitary executive power” of the presidency which they interpret as the invisible empire of the British Crown and the Luciferian cults of Rothschild Illuminati. This has been the plot of capturing the US Democratic Republic by the Globalist Federalist Party since the covert political culture wars between Jefferson’s Democratic Republican Anti-Federalist Party and Hamilton’s Crown Illuminati Rothschild Bank Financed Federalist Party in the election of 1800.

The treason of the Fedetalist Originalist “Justices” / “Jurists” is this “big lie”.

Their interpretation of the law that they are making the supreme law of the land world wide is the idea that it is lawful for the US Supreme Court defends itself from us the people rather than defending us the people from the “State” which they claim had absolute unitary power.

This is the same Luciferian model of tyranny that Milton describes in Paradise Lost and the same model that led our founding father ancestors to declare our independence from the ”Crown” in 1776.

This is the model of Nazi Fascist Police state evil that was used by the Third Reich Nazi Fascist Police State judges to behead free speech martyr, Sophie Scholl, for daring to share petitions at the university criticizing the Nazi state.

The Supreme Court that gave us the decision to push our human rights to the “states” rather than protecting our natural Constitutional Universal Civil and Human rights at the Federal, State, and Municipal level as required by the Constitution of the United States of America.

This twisted covert strategy of taking over a country by false flag terrorism and regime change was brought to the US through the deceptively written little understood National Security Act of 1947, 1948 that was forged in a deceptive black propaganda covered up OSS / SS deal between Allan Dulles, Carl Schmitt, Leo Strauss, after World War II when the formed a secret plan to bring about the 4th Reich using NATO GLADIO and a group of Globalist ultra-Zionist propaganda czars called Team B which was led by the neoconservatives and neoliberals Irving Kristol, James Burnham (Orwell’s model for Big Brother)

Their plot has been covertly implemented by covert “contract on America” to secretly replace our political democracy with an invisible empire of oligarchs to be defended through corrupt Jurists loyal to the “government” and “laws” - not the people.

These Crown Jurists include Paul Wolfowitz, Robert Bork, Antonin Scalia, John Roberts, Mitch McConnell, Samuel Alito, Nixon, the Bushes, the Clinton’s, Netanyahu, the Irgun terrorist groups, NATO Gladio, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, the World Anti-Communist League (John Singlaub, Peter Grace, William Casey, and others exposed in documentaries like “The Man Nobody Knew: The William Colby Story”, Counter/Intelligence, The Power of Noghtmares. (I will add links to these later).

The bottom line is that the only way to reverse the totalitarian decisions made by our Supreme Court last week is to reverse the decisions based on the historical fact that these decisions were made to undermine the spirit and letter of the Constitution and replace it with an interpretation of the Constitution designed to kill the Constitution.

The evidence we could bring if needed to prove the treason of the jurists has already been written by investigative journalists and historians which is why they have been disappeared by this Luciferian Justice system which is a system where Truth is trumped by Big Lies.

The bottom line is our courts are now comprised of Luciferian assassination ultra-Catholics and assassination ultra Zionists. There are literally no Protestants on the Supreme Court now.

In sum, here is a summary of their high crimes and misdemeanors - which is very similar to the Declaration of Independence.

They defend their job as justices as defending themselves from the people.

They have taken away our rights with the false flag terrorism as spelled out in the documents found in the P2 Propaganda Due Masonic Lodge in Rome as was exposed in the Aldo Miro case in the 1990’s.

They have nazified America from within by infiltrating our institutions at every level including the Justice Department the US Justice department, the FBI, the CIA, and the cybertechnology infrastructure built off the Trojan Horse Back door spying /

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I am surprised that you take the states rights side on this given that I wrote a post today using the same “theses” you seem to be disparaging. My theory is you are using dialectical reasoning in a negative way basically supporting right to life and right to guns based on states’ rights whereas I am pro-choice and and anti guns based on anti-Federalist proDemocratic-Republican perspective. Maybe we could arrange a formal debate. Please contact me if you are willing: @EllenCorley 312-371-5078 EllenCorley@gmail.com, ResearchWorksChicago, 1500 N LaSalle, 3D, Chicago, IL 60610. I will try to post my position in a subsequent post.

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