And I've been all over Twitter and haven't seen anybody link this to yet another domino falling off their convid SCAM.

More people should call out these loons for their deliberate sabotaging of the economy, and their sick reset agenda. Banking crisis just another part of their plot

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There are solutions When one thinks about the insanity one’s mind adds to the insanity and lends it credence This generational mass plan will fail only when people take personal responsibility The internet is obviously too much to handle for most humans accustomed to the slave mentality and sadly we must bid it adieu. Small is beautiful and it works Everyone has to be a fireman and a cop and a holy man These positions can not be delegated with pay

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You and Ian Davis are on the same path John. Very clever and down to earth explanation of how these crooks operates since the fed's fundation 1913. The 2008 Bail Out operation in the US used the same strategy. But now they want to add the digital side to it. The electronic leash is not far. Thanks to explain what is in the oven for them to the zombies playing games on the sofa between two visits to the shopping center. The beauty of that evident collapse to come is that even the happy few on the high middle class will have to woke up when there will be no more money to pay the electricity bill, and that the borrowed Tesla will explode in the basement. Please have an eye on Ian's work he is doing a great job. CBDC wants to get hand on the retail market and "eliminates" the small banks, so, globalization again. Bonanza! They wants to strangle us with treir ties. Fucking banksters.



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Great article. This was all planned. The only banks left standing will be the large corporate "too big to fail ones.

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Yep, good article. Its all Engineered. The haves sit around and think up a string of events and work thru how the Affectations of the events can be manipulated to work in their favor. They then co-opt the necessary agencies they fund, thus indirectly own, and use them to implement the Facade of Control.

The only way this works is if people DEFER and OBEY the Bullshit Shenanigans.

And since most haven't paid any attention till something bit them in the ass, they are surprised to find their trust has been absconded with along with the majority of their valuation of assets by the very ones claiming to be there to HELP them out. Out of Assets, Out of Money, Out of Life. What a Win!

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To this day the majority of people out there accept the idea that the Covid lockdowns were necessary. They see no connection between the bank collapses and the lockdowns.

Why do they still accept the idea that the lockdowns were a "good thing" (tantamount to modern-day slavery)?

It's because they perceive the "virus" as their God. He is a God of cruelty not goodness in their minds. Their God has inflicted upon them a modern day plague. But it's not a real plague--only one they experience vicariously through television and social media (there is no real "pain")..

They rely on their high priests (the doctors and the scientists) to protect them with a rite of baptism. It's called vaccination. They have no knowledge that people are being hurt from the vaccines because this is their sacred rite. You do not criticize a sacred rite.

If you criticize you are a heretic that deserves to be ostracized (among some of the more hysterical zealots their solution is to segregate all doubters in internment camps).

Watch THE VIRUS IS MY GOD. The “virus” is claimed to have invaded a town in the old west and soon worshiped as a new idol among the populace: Watch the music video here: https://turfseer.substack.com/p/the-virus-is-my-god.

No more internment camps for the unvaccinated? Don’t be so sure! Watch Turfseer’s Music Video THE COMMANDANT. https://turfseer.substack.com/p/the-commandant

There's a new church in town. Watch CHURCH OF THE PANDEMIC MIND. https://turfseer.substack.com/p/church-of-the-pandemic-mind

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If people paid more attention to what really happened on 9-11, then it wouldn't be so difficult to understand. How many people even know what a Hutchison weapon is? And how many people know that 7 buildings were lost. One was hollowed out without any interior debris.

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Ye reap what y sow. When the government spends far too much money, and has the FED keep running the country into astronomical debt, these type of inflationary pressures occur, including currency, devaluation, bank failures, and recession. END THE FED!!!!!

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$$ IS more important than health for most people. Way more. And that is why most are unhealthy.

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Brother Nathaniel, who converted from Judaism and is now a Russian Orthodox monk, says what few are courageous enough to say about the SVB collapse, who are the big criminal players, their plan, and so much more:


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