Now that I have learned more about centralization of power and its parasitic operations on everyone and everything the more I desire decentralization of power.

And what ive been seeing is that they seem to be holding all of the keys at all of the doors to lawful freedom.

An example, I want to own a piece of land and create a life on it and create income from it. I have come up with a few ways.

But there is a difference between land ownership and real estate. I don't only want the structures and the tree on the land, I want the land. Nor do I want a Trust to just control it even with its benefits. I want to own it.

I just moved from Texas because a new law that you must do fingerprinting and background checks with the FBI to be able to have a license for business in Texas which means the state has given their power, their people, contractually over to the feds and which also creates the surveillance and police state. I want to own my own business, and applying and being granted one is not ownership, it is something else even prior to the state selling its people out to the feds. But hey, just like during covid lockdowns, a federal prison term, they say, whatever our Governor says, we do. Out of respect of coarse.

People think they own their property, their home and land but the deed says you are a tenant. That implies someone else owns it and you don't. That's kinda a red pill to folks that believe they own all of their stuff and I believe they should.

And how about you can't patent nature. So you make gmo foods. Then you eat those gmo foods. Then you become a gmo person. Then they can own you. Simply because you ate what they own. And yeah, the jab does the same from what I can see.

I just want to make my own way but I see they are holding the keys to the doors. And I don't like that saying I'm in the world but not of the world. What a cop out.

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Another fatal flaw by these Dunning Kruger, modern communist/socialist centralized big government types is - the belief that human nature is evolving for the better , more sophisticated ,more magnanimous, and more enlightened n humane….. when the actual reverse is true !!!! Give any of these modern leftist/globalist dimwits totalitarian control, and the history books shall record yet another genocide /brutal murderous oppression….. The free market decentralized- each man works hard , economic success is based on his merits , workers keep what they earn, is the best ,most successful paradigm out there !

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Unfortunately, college students and professors can live in a Fantasyland and believe that they can somehow magically fit everyone into the same collective. Collectivism looks more like the Borg and a lot less like the utopia they are imagining in their minds.

Most academics are no longer marxists but the ideologies they do follow are largely derivative of Marxism. They just traded class consciousness for racial consciousness and sexual consciousness. They are also out to teach people false version of history. I talk about that a little bit in this article.


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