Jon is absolutely correct…..There can be no doubt the number one issue for Republicans in this coming election cycle is the massive costly influx of illegal aliens and the deadly fentanyl drugs they are bringing in ,that are killing many tens of thousands of our children. Why the lazy Republicans have not focused in a laser like fashion on this issue, makes many wonder if there indeed is merely a Uniparty ??

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It is very clear that both sides work for the same masters. Borders have been open for decades while citizens are treated like criminals at airports and government buildings.

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I would argue that we have a global greed and corruption pandemic, that there is no solutions within the current systems until we have honest people who act in honour and do no harm repesenting us.

How do we acieve this much desired outcome, the same way all freedom has been achieved unite and fight. Thanks Jon kind thoughts

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Dear Senators of my state. In your wonderful sell out state of mind, as you enjoy your work on serving your real representations, the corporations, please consider that if you think you may want a country, a decent place at all to live, to completely start changing from everything you are so enjoying now at the moment and start getting real. Children are already dying here. You are obviously a great persuader and you are connected in our political system with others in the system just like yourself in that regard. I urge you all to focus on this issue. Get among yourselves, get a game plan and snuff it out. Bring some real dignity to yourselves by no longer allowing this to go on. SHow us something. Or eventually you will be in the same shithouse with the rest of us. Then surely one of us will then be able and willing to shove your head right up your ass where it really belongs if you dont put a HALT on this issue Now!

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Brain dead Republicans is right. They are mostly concerned at election time about what the destructive Democrats are doing. Democrats destroy and the Republicans whine about it, while begging for money to get re-elected.

You pointed out a deadly serious problem. The fact that Congress fiddles with elections while the country is up in flames means we don’t need those useless suits. It’s obvious that they don’t take these issues seriously.

Like so many other schemes, if there is money to be pocketed by politicians, you can be assured it will be. Wondering just how much they are profiting and from which sources to encourage this open border drug running to run rampant?

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There are no parties but the establishment uniparty but I get Jon’s point. He needed to differentiate to play their game.

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They clearly don’t want a solution to project: Make America into a Third-world Country” global

Plan because they’re being paid to much to care.

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DAMN!!! I knew it was bad, but not this bad. I so appreciate and value your nail-on-the-head clarity, Jon, yet again.

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Dead right, no pun intended!

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I knew it was bad, but not that bad. The world has gone mad - and politics is ridiculous, and it's time for us to save our lives by stepping out of the system.

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Unluckily Republicans and Democrats are not two groups. They are a one party system. Wake up. It's all a farce. If you go back to George Washington he stated very clearly, if ever Political Parties are created the republic will be lost.

The system of parties on it's own is insanity. They divide up the territory. WTF is this bullshit. This is unluckily a mess and dismantling all political parties if possible is the only possible path to a world.

As Jon showed in his conversation with Jefferson, who may not have been such a lovely man anyway the Republic is too big.

We need to eliminate the government completely.

100 people per state could run a system that had people that liked life. This is simply madness.

North Korea has a constitution you know. They have a bill of rights as well.

We need to find another crater and start a new Earth. Might as well go all the way. The moon is an image of the Giant Earth we live on. We live in a crater. The Alanteans destroyed their own and came here and destroyed half of Earth hence the ice wall. They killed them but these mad fuckers like Klaus and Walt Hitler Disney + Werner Von Braun are truly the madmen they appear to be.

This country is Nazi land. We created the mess in Ukraine. We know Obama is married to a giant man dressed as a woman what more proof is needed.

There must be four different Bidens. The VP under Obama and the Pedo their now are two different pricks. There are hundreds of photos of him sniffing children's hair. WTF.

Yes Jon you write great stuff. Whoppee we have a .0001% of the people that see we are fucked.

The answer is in our own minds. Love these fucks. Show no fear. Love them. If we could train the world to stop being afraid these evil beings would die. The require negative energy.

Drugs that you grow like opium help naturally but they are illegal. I wonder why? Oh I know because they tried to take over the world with them once. The lovely Winston Churchill madman.

They are all one team. Every country every politician are all one team. Trump, Clinton, Putin, Trudeau😈 Etc are all the same.

No one is right. Wake Up. Turn off the TV.

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If I started a new party it would be the anti-corporate party. The USA is a foreign privately held company. It interpenetrates with multiple other companies. If there is profitable behavior the USA corporation finds distasteful, they outsource it to another company. The whole corporate global financial model is evil and is based on the sin of usury, which is lending money at interest. Lending money at interest is exactly what you do when you buy stock in a stock company. It's taken 500 years for the corporate model to destroy and enslave humanity with its usury. It was always immoral from the beginning, the Dutch-India company...always creating and depending upon slaves to maintain profit. The corporate model created extreme wealth and poverty within English society. The Anglican Church was invented to take the ethic of poverty out of Christianity and to make one's wealth an example of goodness in society, instead of recognizing wealth as a social evil, as Christians always had before. The stock company destroyed the English ethical system, which had been Christian prior to the advent of the stock company (and now it is Satanic). Do you think republicans are going to fix the inhumane corporate system? No, they will continue to do whatever their corporate owners tell them to do. Politics is a sham. Remember when liberals used to be against huge corporate polluters? What happened to that? No politicians will ever threaten the business model of the corporation, because the corporation is the employer of the politicians.

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Republicans are confident in public apathy.

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