Thanks Jon!

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The proverbial wise man on the mountain, i really enjoyed this. My thoughts though are that DeSantis is going to run. I also do not expect Biden to run for reelection. They were able to keep the tidal wave of corruption and ineptness at bay for only so long. And my fear is the oily haired maniac from California is going to run. Thats my 2024 prediction, DeSantis v Newsom. If Trump runs as an independent, this show is over and you will see a true Batman villain in the Oval.

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I thank you for writing these articles and putting out this information!!!

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Matthew Crawford from Roundingtheearth(substack) quoted you in his substack yesterday, regarding the "Nuremberg 2.0" meme, currenty taking the Internet and social media platforms by storm.

I'm in good company, it seems! I subscribe to your both and have followed YOU for decades (I can say that at 73).

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I've been echoing what you said Jon about "Gain of Function" being a dead end on Meryl Nass's Substack: https://merylnass.substack.com/p/francis-boyle-and-meryl-nass-did/comments#comment-12183310

She's sticking to her guns about a purported conspiracy.

Like you said, their inner sanctum is a closed system. How can we possibly know what they are trying to do? If there is a bioweapon it's the vaccine. The evidence of mass death and destruction is plain to see.

I also quoted Rabbi Smith who derides the idea of "Gain of Function.: Here's what he says:

"But our minds and hearts are not only being played with to buy the “mainstream narrative.” They are also being played with to buy a series of “alternative” viewpoints. Whichever side you choose, the enemies of liberty score because you have opted to leave common sense and instead choose a worldview that will lead you into surrendering your own liberty.

In this case, the counter to the wet market theory is the gain-of-function, biological warfare theory. Whichever side you choose, you opt to believe that something harmful, nay deadly, is in the air.

But of the two viewpoints, getting you to believe that a virus is a man-made bioweapon is an even greater score for the enemies of liberty. In opting for such a belief, you ascribe great powers to scientists, weapons labs, and to the Chinese Communists. And, even more, you can be manipulated to becoming the greatest proponent of lockdowns and masking to save civilization from the mythological ‘man-manipulated’ and ‘man-made viruses.’"


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