A false flag in 2022?

I think they will wait until things get a bit hotter... when they feel the heat from the masses more...When it becomes more publicly known that thousands, or millions of people dying unexpectadly are in fact doing so because of side effects from the injection(s ). And that these injections and the whole covid thing was a scam, planned for years and orchestrated without mercy. Or maybe people will wake up to the nasa scam. .. the 70 odd million dollars a day of tax payers money being spent on nothing more than cgi photos and fantasies about space travel and christ knows what else they can dream up about galaxies millions of light years away or impending doom from death asteroids or anything equally as bizarre and ridiculous. It just beggars belief that they - the government - have been able to get away with such criminally outrageous activities for so long.. How scum like soros and co. run rampant across the planet to do their bidding.

When somebody of consequence actually has the ability and the balls to really open up and display the can of worms for all to see, well then they might kick off one of the many false flags in their arsenal to completely divert attention from their nefarious activities and attempt to regain control of the rebellious public. It won't be Trump who can or would want to expose the evil. Because it will be a death wish. And Trump is too far tied up in the swamp anyway. He might be the best thing going at the moment but that's nowhere near what will be required.

This false flag will be something completely outrageous. A suitcase nuke in Manhatten or wherever is too predictable... I'm talking about instigating a series of volcanic eruptions. Maybe not in good ol uncle Sam's backyard, I predict El Salvador, .. or hell..maybe even Yellowstone - why not? .. Or crank up tornado alley times ten to what they are already doing there. but I guess takng out the power grid would be a goodie,..hell, even this alien invasion scenario that has been bandied about.. with the holograms and god knows what else, and the destruction they can cause with whatever toys they have created for the job..the masses will fall for it. .. they have been setting up this alien thing for years now..little subliminal or even blatantly obvious other worldly events ..the power comes back to the controllers.. and who knows what is the next phase.

Maybe that all sounds a bit far fetched. But so was 9/11..or, take your pick .. W.O.M.D in Iraq, ..Pearl Harbour..? how far back do you want to go...

As sure as God made little green apples there will be a false flag.

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The Uvalde TX & Buffalo NY shootings are indicators of well resourced bad actors actively operating. These actors groom their targets; poking and prodding impressionable young men, all for the purpose of using their vulnerability to make them patsies. I've seen it happen a LOT and try to stop it. It's ramping up again with the whole Kiwifarms versus insane crossing-dressing guy who also grooms young men into taking female hormones...

What makes this a different kind of false flagging is that there's lots of potential victims because there's already been a lot scapegoating by media, government, society laid down as groundwork. It's scary when you think about it this way; we're either gonna have a biblical man-made catastrophic event like 9/11 (as you predict) or we're gonna have continual poking and prodding of the most vulnerable so they do something violent and can be further scapegoated by the powers that be.

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