This isn't about vaccines, but is about the meat industry.

I knew a lady & her husband who raised organic emus, for meat.

They had a very small farm compared to neighboring cattle farms.

Emus were basically free range, within a large enclosed pen, with small wooden huts (the size of an average outdoor backyard tool shed) that they would nest in. The mothers routinely would produce babies that keep herd numbers up. I believe the lady said that the emus were hearty animals, requiring little extra care. This was 25 years ago, so I didn't ask about any (possible) antibiotic or vaccine use, but she did emphasize that they were completely organic. Emu meat is very low in fat & I believe higher protein/ounce, relative to beef.

The meat was quite good, like filet, no fat marbling, pan frying produced a rich maroon broth. Meet was slightly dry like filet, but delicious.

Her business was very successful, but small. You had to order meet 6 months in advance.

She said one time a federal regulator showed up & said she had to build special this & that, gave her a list of government-approved subcontractors to do the work. Her husband said it was all bs. Contractor costs were $30K. They closed up shop. Her husband thought it was the neighboring beef industry, because their little business was quite noteworthy.

They brought the remaining animals to their home to live as pets as their were unnecessary regulations for transport to other farms, which were far away.

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We’re in a unique position, I keep kids at home and husbands business is not a local one or one that can be easily attacked. We don’t shy away from threats either, we fight back hard. I think I single handedly stopped the construction of houses on the 20 acres behind our house. I went to the town meeting, told them they were all crooks. Had some legitimate names and facts on the property. It went belly up shortly after that, know one knows why exactly. But I said a few incriminating things they were doing, told them I was paying attention and had all the time in the world to follow the money.

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Sounds like we need thousands of mini farms popping up, and I mean thousands. Too many for them to “regulate” - I’m in, was planning on it anyways!

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