Thank you so much. You have galvanized me to take on our extremely corrupt HOA president. While you speak and write about the state of things at the macro level and taking down the philanthropaths, turtles all the way down comes to mind. I keep saying to my husband, our neighborhood of 163 houses is just a microcosm of what is happening on the grand scale. So when people say, "what can we do?", one suggestion might be just start small. Our HOA president has been *getting away with* his "secondary services" for too long. And because of reading and listening to you for the last year, I decided to take action. Now there are 5 savvy couples in the neighborhood, all of whom bring different strengths, who have banded together to right this ship. One of the neighbors heard that I was taking on the HOA President and has offered to represent me pro bono. He is one of the top litigators in our state - and he came to me. This can be accomplished. Fear not!

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