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Through time, I fear a big depression of some kind. I try to prepare for it. And do. I worry. Then I forget all that and rest on my laurels for a while until I see even more crime from above doing everything they can to kill this nation. Though passing laws to set up the structures for future devastation to freedom. This really freaks me out.

I think I can see why people give up. I learned breathwork from a principled intelligent teacher/author. Years later I met him at his seminar workshop and caught him smoking in the back. I think Ayn Rand accepted SS benefits at the end. I met a freedom minded person whom told me he and his wife got the jab, so they could be free to travel. Didn't one of the founding fathers that largely drafted the declaration of independence flip flop to a socialist?

I absolutely love this podcast. So helpful. The Knights Journey. More please.

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