Well that was one of the aims of the plandemic...wipe out the middle class.

Trouble with Kennedy, and Trump...and anyone, is that they won't bring up truth of the matter about the 'virus' ......There is no damn virus. Never was. They're not even a real thing.

Read Virus Mania to get the truth about this pharmaceutical scam.....

But they know that everyone is so brainwashed, and cognitive dissonance is so strong, that to try and educate the masses about the real truth, after all the grief and disaster is just not an option.

How anyone can cure the American economy is beyond me. Normally an invasion would now occur to pillage rape and plunder some other other country, to spread democracy or whatever... and of course stealing and looting that country's resources to prop up the failing economy...latest one would be the Syrian oilfields... But the world has had a gutsful of that now ....and America has pretty much run out of countries to do that to.......Iran has always been a mouthwatering target that psychos like bolton or fat mikey pompei would give their eye teeth to bomb the shit out of ... but that is not a sitting duck like Syria, or Libya ......or Iraq..or Afhanistan.. the latter of them being total disasters for America, and all of them utterly catastrophic for those invaded, . . The American people don't seem to want war.......But they were all geed up to 'glass the desert' around Saddam and just loved watching live footage of tomohawk missiles ..(indiscriminantly massacring tens of thousands of innocent civilians - something Putin has meticulously avoided in his efforts to hose America and nato off his doorstep). ..... they were geed up by criminals like colin powell and his weapons of mass destruction bullshit............and doubtless they will get geed up again. Hell, they mostly think Putin is an aggressive maniac ...there will be a false flag or somesuch and China will be seen to be the aggressive warmomger - even more than the criminal media are rabbiting on about already.

It just beggars belief how the biggest terrorist nation that god ever shovelled guts into has the audacity to accuse others of aggression. The yankee dollar is on the way out......no question about it.......and the country internally is imploding, falling to pieces, woked out, and getting desperate.

And so they will start another war, no question about it... it's the American way.....but this time the American public might just feel it at home.......having Washington carpet bombed ..or something.......not likely..maybe just sporadic guerilla attacks strategically ....the grid blown out..... the oil or gas or power supply crashed..by a terrorist operation..(how ironic)..

Doesn't matter who gets propped up into the white house ......or what they promise in their pre-election blurbs.... that's just a side show.

But I digress................

At least Kennedy has the nuts to say something real about the covid crap. (he won't admit it was all a complete scam tho..)

The middle class was the Donald's main reason for his win........will be an interesting debate session if it comes to the two of them.............I'd back Trump.......but I'd be asking the contenders some REAL questions..

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RFK has never lived a "middle class" life. He believes in big government. Socialist Democrats can't get enough of spending other people's hard earned money. He comes out of Boston, the New England States, the most corrupt liberal bastion of the entire country. When I lived in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Maine, it was all about Federal government womb to tomb handouts. On the whole, not necessarily the individual, New Englanders expect government to solve their problems, and when it doesn't, they ask for more and more government control. If RFK is serious, he could start by hearing Catherine Austin Fitts' financial advice, and then, learn how his Socialist Democrat political family contributed to the coming economic collapse.

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This clip always concerns me about RFK. "Climate Deniers" to be 'punished'???

RFK Jr. on punishing folks who are skeptical of mainstream narrative on climate change 2014:


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Ass kickin Jon. As you said at the start and continue to repeat, it's not about winning the freak show prize, it's about waking people up. As Catherine says, the rulers are losing the ability to send us the check, so more and more people are being forced to begin to wonder wtf is going on. Who was it that said you don't need a majority to change the world, just 10% (?). Keep your powder dry everyone.

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Kennedy has made some opinions that I agree with, but we don't need some environmental lawyer in the White House. He'd make the unscrupulous, heavyhanded, and manipulative EPA his main priority. The EPA is like cartel going around the United States demanding protection money from small towns and businesses that can't afford their ridiculous bills.

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A wonderful podcast as usual. I agree with Jon that Kennedy has to push harder and be more specific with his explanation on how the middle class is being decimated. The middle class is the buffer between the ruling elite and the angry mob. The ruling elite takes notice when the middle class revolts. For without the middle class there is nothing between the mob and the effete super rich. I have always wondered why the middle class or educated classes didn't demand more honesty from their government. I have only realised in the last decade and specifically in the last three years why. The middle class actually think they have a say in how they are governed. They have a dog in the fight. They're getting something out of the system-Social Security, Medicare, student loans etc. They have been programmed to believe the propaganda. The flag, the pledge of allegiance, our way of life is the envy of the world, America is the best country on earth etc. Their identity is the narrative. It is interesting that before Nathaniel Bacon's rebellion in 1676 there was no law codified in colonial America for lifetime slavery for blacks or whites. Bacon'e rebellion scared the shit out of the English ruling class at the time because Bacon was of their class. Both white and black indentured servants and slaves fought side by side in Bacon's cause. After the rebellion was put down the English sought to divide black and white servants so they wouldn't pose a problem again and manufactured white superiority and black inferiority. Quite frankly, it was a brilliant if evil move to quell another rebellion. The English made black slavery, under the colour of the law, for life. Manumission was forbidden and children born into slavery were themselves property. Whites, on the other hand , could be indentured but under the law could never be slaves. The English, in one stroke, gave the white underclass a stake in the game. America's middle class is on the brink of becoming America's underclass. I hope Robert Kennedy has the balls to follow through with his message. He doesn't have to win the race to win the war.

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DeSantos is deep state Jon. I’m surprised you overlooked that elephant.

And, you’re investing energy on the Democratic Party? What’s the point? There’s no honest human who can win the nomination. Ask Bernie.

I’m not saying RFK cannot become the nominees.

He’s already in cahoots with the Clintons.

He’s pushing vaccines. He’s pro vax. He pushes viruses. He repeats fear porn like lab leak and gain of function. He knows better. He’s being deceptive. He censors terrain theory discussion and any mention of Christine Massey’s FOIA project.

RFK is a false prophet. He’s a good actor, but he doesn’t deserve promotion. Look behind the curtain.

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It's basic economics. RFK Jr. "The last two administrations have spent and the Fed has created trillions of dollars in currency in the past few years. This had diluted the purchasing power of your earnings, your dollars. This is why eggs cost you more than a dollar apiece. This is why prices go up. They go up because your dollars are worth less. Congress, the President, and the Fed have stolen your money."

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Thank you Jon R., for your time and consideration giving excellent information.

I am so glad I subscribed because I don't want to miss your reports.

Let us hope Kennedy uses the campaign season to help educate listeners to what has

happened to our economy. He does have the audience, and people will listen.

Best to you,


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Thanks, Jon. I don't usually listen to the podcasts but did today. I did not hear RFK Jr's announcement though I knew he was entering the race and believes he can make a difference for America. I'm glad he is focusing on the middle class and its decimation over decades but there are a few other issues in my mind along with the economic. I believe these are spiritual, educational and relational. Spiritual in that the elites took prayer and therefore God out of our schools. There's nothing unconstitutional about reciting a brief prayer before the school day begins. No one is forcing a child to do that but it does benefit everyone to hold the Creator in high regard. As far as education goes, we've seen what the dumbing down of America has led to especially these last 3 years with so many of our freedoms being attacked. You can't defend what you do not know. Finally, the relational would be the family. There has been a concerted effort to destroy the traditional family for decades. The powers that be have been successful and we can see the horror of this in school, on the news and on the streets. Our children are being attacked on a daily basis and without the proper guidance from a strong family unit, these kids have no true guidance through the confusion of life in America and the world today. Yes, indeed we need to deal with the economic disasters that the anti-America left is throwing out all the time and to restore our once enviable middle class to its proper place. I pray that Bob can do that even if he isn't the candidate. That he can utilize the bully pulpit that he has developed over the years to wake up the languishing Middle Class. We are a force to be reckoned with when properly motivated. And what greater motivation than survival. I like the guy and respect him for all he has done with Child Health Defense and all the programs that have resulted from that. I'm sure I will disagree with him on a number of other issues because he is, after all, a liberal Democrat. He's not a lefty looney, however, or he wouldn't have dedicated his career to the dangers of vaccines etc.

So. to sum up, this should be a very interesting campaign season and I hope people will listen, think and respond. May God save America and the Middle Class and thereby everyone else because a nation with a strong Middle Class is a strong nation.

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I like this commentary, but I am not sure if I agree that (many) Americans really want these details. It seems to me that Trump became very popular saying that he would drain the swamp, negotiate better deals, etc. Not really connecting the dots in the way that Jon is suggesting.

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Virtue has been replaced with short-sighted greed.

Institutions originally established to serve the public good have assumed a life of their own.

Politicians,, bureaucrats, and journalists have largely become opportunists and prostitutes.

Advances in information technology have facilitated acceleration of their corruption.

An increasingly larger portion of the population is dripping with guilt and shame.

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In another Continuum paralleling our own, Mr J Rapp himself should've ran for the Presidency

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I'm betting on Big Mike.

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The Kingdom of England existed from July the twelfth 927 to May the first 1707 when united with Scotland and then called "The British". Therefore England couldn't have been a colony of the British. I'm sure you see the logic in this answer.

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Firstly Kennedy needs to have the guts to stand as an Independent. The Democrat party is EXTREMELY STAINED/TAINTED. Tulsi eventually did it. She has values and a good take on issues and I could never understand what she was doing in that party. She eventually did what she had to do.

This is my greatest disappointment. Plus he is doing great work on vaccines and the evil of Big Pharma. I feel he needs to stick with that.

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