You hit it out of the park yet again, Jon. Well done!

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Yes indeed. Those Good Good interviews, Yours & James, seemed in need.

Sooo... let's see.

1. The man's statements made The Company sound bad. But if he lied, does that make said Company not so bad ?

2. The man's statements made it sound that The Company acts flippantly, but if he lied, does that make The Company act diligently ?

3. If he told the absolute truth, why hasn't massive & immediate Investigations begun ?

I'm confused ?

Ruse to ruse.


Or knot.

Of course for the main course, it could be a bit of both.

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Fiction writing is a great way to a truth about reality. Thanks Jon. I like this one.

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Wow! Perfect Rappoport! Perfect in every way!! And quite chilling!

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Or a gay caballero is roaming the galaxy singing Country and Western. I think your coffee bean have gone bad : )

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If there is any justice in this world than Pfizer will be forced to dramatically downsize, losing a tremendous portion of their employees and drug pipelines , after numerous heavy-handed but warranted lawsuits by their innumerable victims …

Either way, it is imperative that we spread the word to the clueless trusting masses ,and push for as wide a boycott as humanly possible.

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Slick. It is interesting where it can go as it comes out, unfolds. What it can reveal.

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Great blog. Darkly funny! The Pfizer execs are the aliens and the masses of brainwashed followers were hatched by them in pods.

Watch POD PEOPLE BARBECUE. Origin of mask-wearing zombies revealed in song!


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Feb 1·edited Feb 1

Don't laugh:

"If nobody from the company goes to prison—

We never do. We’re aliens."

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Well played Jon! You duped Anna Von Reitz and her unincorporated State assembly movement...


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Excellent. I will probably have nightmares thinking about the last couple sentences, but you hit the nail on the head.

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Thailand and Switzerland are preparing for an offensive...

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