Psychiatric institutions can lock up innocent people just like the justice system does.

While the liars and narcissists they were surrounded by are off scot-free.

In a time when people say we need more mental institutions I wish more people would call out the downsides to them, and psychiatry in general, for many reasons, but here I want to highlight that people -- the psychologists -- are flawed and susceptible to bad cultures. They can ruin the lives of people because of their ignorance and mental laziness and arrogance. They're the ones who can bully a healthy person into mental health crises and then its like a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Havent listened yet and I note the title but I wanted to make a remark off this point that Im hearing of for my first time:

"that one man could launch a revolution against a huge formidable branch of medicine—Organized Psychiatry—and win staggering victories."

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Enlightening to see that the usual suspects, now advocating hardcore porn videos for 4th grade students, have carefully read their Talmud. Look, it's just the way they have been brought up and obliged to learn. Cut them some slack, personally. Just make sure you don't acquiese in having them rule you from within the alphabetic "agencies" that they themselves have created. It is all a hoax that their wealth enables them to run. When their paid off flunkies, including CIA political murderers here and abroad, learn that they themselves, their wives, siblings, children, etc. are the intended victims (depopulation schemes) political power of the usual suspects (despicably evil ones) will disappear. In the meantime, pull your kids from government schools today! Get together with neighbors and friends for a local survival plan when the evil ones throw the switch, drop the bomb, close the banks, launch an invasion, whatever.


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Not for the faint of heart. Buckle up kiddos, we're in for a fun ride.

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This is a great article.


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Great podcast. I think Jon is right when he talks about the difference between a campaign and an election. The message is the key. No compromise , no holds barred , no bullshit message. What does it matter if you win air. Jon is right about the Presidents from Nixon to Biden. They control nothing. They are mere puppets for the bankers and assorted wankers who actually run the government. This has been the norm since the assignation of Lincoln. The British Empire is not dead. The British system of slavery, mercantilism, feudalism is alive in the American government. The American project of individualism, self reliance, invention and progress for all mankind has been hijacked by the bankers and monopolist. There is a silver lining to this dark cloud. The pricks can't win. They have no character. No integrity. They are risk averse. They actually think they can always win. That is their Achilles heel. Nobody can always win. These wankers don't live in the real world. They have insulated themselves from reality. God is reality and God never loses. God is truth. If one doesn't believe in a Supreme Being one can still believe in truth and reality. And truth, nature, reality will win all the time. These stupid evil bastards think they are Gods. I have some news for them-they wouldn't make a wart on God's ass. Jon is correct in the message is everything. One can win the war and lose the race.

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