This cannot be explained enough times. it was Jon Rappoport who gave me my first foothold into this story, with his April 2020 revelation of government documents that state clearly that the PCR cannot and does not diagnose infection. Two and a half years later, I am still on the story. Once you wrap your head around this, it's "child's play," as Mike Yeadon put it. Here is another metaphor, involving dandelions. And thank you Jon.


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Unfortunately, the “doesn’t exist” side has yet to explain how my 59-year-old wife died from something that doesn’t exist after a single week of illness. Until they do, I’ll lean toward “intentionally manufactured in the lab” explanation.

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Thanks Jon for the usual “cold shower” of fact over fancy when it comes to the existence of ConVid 19. In fact Dr Sam Bailey has suggested a way forward, which is strictly scientific, in her latest video response to Steve Kirsch. It aims at a blind testing by several independent experts of alleged viruses to establish if they can isolate and identify a pathogen. The funding of this experiment by Steve Kirsch would be a better use of his money than the betting farrago he has suggested.

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Standing ovation.

At some point, the other side have to explain in plain language why isolation is not necessary. Which leads to bioinformatics, fabrication of genomes out of thin air, which code proteins that don't exist anywhere else than the memory of the computer. If they insist too much on this, it will seem like they concede that everything prior to the modern PC was false.

Don't let them change the subject or move the goal posts, people!

Demonstrate the traditional methods.

Fellow observers: forget all the other fallacies: the ad hominem, the straw man, the bandwagon.

Focus on the subject! Don't react to traps. Remain on track if you want the truth.

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i started writing about this whole debate because i find it fascinating. i'm trying to break it down in simple terms everyone can understand. i would appreciate your feedback. thanks



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On kirsch’ substack is an article with a link to his interview with Dr James Lyons-Wilder where in the latter part they talk about this issue. Dr jlw says at some point that he wishes he could take a virus denier into the lab and have them perform all the tests under guidance. It sounds like what JR has been asking for in his writing and podcasts. Of course he (JR) says that this has been tried but they are denied access to the lab, certainly when under the condition that all questions are allowed and will be responded to in a cordial fashion. Dr JLW of course was just wishing out loud but maybe he could get his associate Dr Sang Li (probably spelled wrong) to agree to do this with someone of JR’s choosing and we could put this to rest and concentrate on the real bad guys rather than we who should be allies

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great Jon. Thank you!

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Is the education decay from cultural Marxism so rampant that people can’t even read scientific papers anymore?

Hilarious article ! I prefer the tv gameshow scientific debate n analysis w bonus points n wild card questions. Prize giveaways would help !

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Aug 8, 2022·edited Aug 8, 2022

I wonder if Mr. Rappoport has seen this article


and if so, does he consider it valid?

Strike that. I made the comment before fully reading reading the piece. The author, like most (well meaning or otherwise), starts with the assumption that the Divoc (or Dybbuk) actually exists.

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Thank you Eric. I just found you today. I found Jon a few years ago and Love that guy. Excellent article you wrote here. I will be widely sharing it.

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