DeSantis is sucking up the power in FL. He just signed bills that declare FL law supersedes local law when it comes to land development. He also signed into law a bill that makes the looser in a lawsuit over land development pay all court costs. What individual can sue under those circumstances? Then he just signed a bill using radioactive materials from manufacturing waste to pave roads. The danger to those building or repairing the roads is very high and the material will seep into the waterways. All for his corporate cronies. So much for the environment and rights to property.

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RFK, Jr., of all candidates, should know that viruses are a myth, but instead, he says he is not nor ever has been anti-vaxx, and that he is up to date on all vaxxes, just not “COVID”. Sounds like a politician to me.

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I'm making a prediction; the Dems will throw in Michelle Obama and Gavin Newsom at the last minute, and she will be the darling bud for Oprah Winfrey and the rest of Hollywood!! It will be a Broadway play on display; perhaps the Hollywood writers diverted our attention away from writing screenplays to spend more time writing the Michelle Obama Screen Play for President!

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Not so sure HE can end the CIA...like DeSantis just back pedaled on his eliminating the Dept of Ed and the dept of energy.... Trump didn't fire Fauci - guess it's harder to effect civil servants...

IF they kill RFKjr, about 300M Americans will 'revolt' against the CIA. CIA leaders would be be roasted.

The man does have steel balls to stick his neck out there.

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You haven't seen RFK discuss the 'corporatism' problems, the capturing of the EPA, FDA, CDC, et al. He says he knows how to solve the revolving doors with private corps. This is critical -if he wins, he's trimming fed gov't power and stopping corporate abuse of power...... and in the meantime, he'll demand full studies, 2x blind placebo controlled studies - to verify if all the vaccines are safe - or not.

He's got major historical clout with the 50/60 + ups.

Real change at the fed level - is painfully obvious. Clean up the fascist corporatism.. Trump shows zero potential for cleaning that up, based on term 1. DeSantis, yes he has the ability - he just needs more seasoning -- and maybe new backers. '

Don't forget op warp speed....and how 'Trump saved' 100M lives. That position is bullshit and we all know it. Kennedy can drive a wedge between the gov't agencies and the corporations. That will be a bell ringer.

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