The SUN is our ultimate vaccine, as it primes our bacteria to absorb the right amount of UV light, which then helps us detoxify as we build melanin in our skin:


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Champagne . Et il ne s'agit pas de ' totalitarisme' mais de la bonne vieille et bien pourrie d'oligarchie criminelle . décrite abondamment par vous-même ou Michael Hudson .

Thanks you , Jon , I read you since 2005 I believe

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They didn't just "know" they carefully with unlimited resources created these shots with the sole purpose of killing and maiming as many people as possible. I believe that for more than 75 years, the "bioweapons' research labs have worked ceaselessly to develop the "covid" shots and presented them as 'quickly' developed in response to the novel coronavirus which suddenly appeared on the world scene in 2020! Lies, lies and more lies! There is not one morsel of Truth in "their" story, not one. Medicine since 1911 has been cultivated as the fifth column although most of the personnel have no idea how they are being used to carry out a take down of a democratic nation. Some of the most dedicated Peace and Justice folks I know are working for Vaccine equity and will not entertain the possibility that the weapons are the shots themselves.

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Songs about the dangers of vaccines and the Covid tyranny

THE MYOCARDITIS BLUES. A man sings the blues after coming down with side effects from the mRNA vaccine followed by a deadly heart inflammation. https://turfseer.substack.com/p/the-myocarditis-blues

Verdi meets Pfizer. A satire on Vaccine mania. Watch Turfseer’s hit music video, VACCINE, MY LOVE! https://turfseer.substack.com/p/vaccine-my-love

JUST TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. “Straight shooter” advice on vaccination for the brainwashed


“Country” stands up to Medical Tyranny. Watch Turfseer’s “THEY TRIED TO KILL COUNTRY (BUT COUNTRY FOUGHT BACK).” https://turfseer.substack.com/p/they-tried-to-kill-country-but-country

Shakespeare meets Vaccine Injury Denial. Listen to Turfseer’s PERCHANCE TO DREAM. https://turfseer.substack.com/p/perchance-to-dream

BONUS: Free Download. THE ALTERNATIVE COVID-19 NARRATIVE HANDBOOK. A Collection of useful links. Get it here: https://turfseer.substack.com/p/the-alternative-covid-narrative-handbook

Subscribe to Turfseer's Newsletter. Songs, music videos and much more.

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Suppose there were no pathogens causing disease. Then the purpose of all these anti virals, anti bacterial and vaccine products is simply part of a business model to keep us coming back for more.

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For this reason I have joined Kennedy’s campaign. I am glad to see you think that he is the only one that fully understands, it’s nice to have confirmation of how I felt. Thank you for this post! I watched Naomi’s reveal on Bannon. This is GREAT work and I truly hope it makes a difference. I see it is spreading like wildfire across platforms.

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THEY KNEW! Busted busted busted!

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Sep 24·edited Sep 24

Hi Jon,

Actually a candidate for President who is being shadow banned began altering everyone to their toxic nature in 2020. Dr. VA Shiva is that candidate. Here is the link: https://shiva4president.com/

Check him out. It takes time I have been going through his stuff with a fine tooth comb. I can only assess what I have competency in. If that checks out then I can assume that others have check him out in their areas of competency. So far he is passing with flying colors.

His style may not be for everyone. But the main plank in his Presidential platform should be of major interest, "Truth Freedom Health". He has been on the front lines against GMOs as an example from the beginning. He came from the lowest caste in India, He is dark skinned Tamil. His parents were able to come to the US. He grew up in the slums of New Ark New Jersey. He has 4 degrees from MIT with a PhD in Systems Biology. Not a lawyer, but a systems engineer. Definitely worth checking out!

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Operation Warp Speed. You KNEW I was a snake when you took me in. In your face. THEY KNEW. Let's bring him back for an encore because we were clueless the first time.

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Sep 23·edited Sep 23

Jon...you need to reissue your work on the "virus" fraud!! Etymology of "RemDesiVir is very(!) enlightening!

1- Remmin = Rimmon = Devil (Syrian)

2- Desi = Desolation

3- Vir = Man (Latin)

The devil of desolation in man!!

They "knew" well before 2021!! Contemplate the "Flu Epidemic" of 1918, Fauci's "war" on Aids, HAARP/G5 towers, Satellite weapons, etc. They have "known" for hundreds (perhaps thousands) of years that their efforts to eradicate "biological" life on Earth and replace it with mechanical/artificial android "life" was being advanced by Centralized Money, Food, Chemicals, Armies and Information systems!!

As much as I like what RFK, Jr. is saying/doing... he doesn't have a prayer in Hell of going against the World Cabal and not ending up like his Uncle, Father and Cousin!! He simply doesn't have the infrastructure (or the killer instinct) that is needed!!

Despite all the bullshit blaspheming of Trump... he currently is the only(!) one with the intelligence, courage, determination and (most importantly) protection/organization that can go (and is going) up against the truly evil creatures that have been running this world for centuries!!

The fact that Trump (et al) is winning this "game" is precisely why all this information is coming to light!! He has created deep panic in the fetid nests of the deep state vermin!!! And, he has encouraged good people, trapped in those nests, to believe that coming forward might help, and won't simply get them immediately terminated!!

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There is another presidential candidate who also "knows the score" and possibly then some.

Check out www.shiva4president.com

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Not "more recently"... I've been watching it for years!!

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The human devils known as the Global Ruling Elite have admitted for over 100 years that they want significant depopulation. The recently destroyed Masonic Georgia Guidestones states, "Maintain Humanity Under 500,000,000 In Perpetual Balance With Nature." See them on Google Images. That's 90%+ depopulation. Those who remain will be prostituted assets of the Judeo-Masonic elite (emphasis on the first half of the infernal relationship) or else slaves.


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