Tucker’s interview was light years more entertaining and enlightening than this essay.😑

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I thought Tucker did a decent job with Putin.. there were several fascinating facts that came out regarding NATO and Russia's attempt to join.. and of course the US blew up NordStream .. The US Military Industrial/Financial complex has been in complete control of US Foreign policy for the last 140 yrs.. completely out of control.. Even after President Eisenhower warned us the American War Machine continue to grow as if on steroids.. Today we are BOMBING in the Middle East and Africa and Ukraine.. The US/NATO shoved Ukraine into this war and sent Boris to nix the treaty Zelenskyy had already signed.. to KEEP IT GOING.. The US can stop this war by cutting off all military aid to Ukraine permanently.. I am not a fan of Putin anymore than a fan of the US military/financial industrial complex... They are both reprehensible...

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It turned out that, contrary to his claim, Mr. Rappoport DID need the thousand year history lesson. Some things in the interview triggered Mr. Rappoport, and instead of telling us about that, he launched an attack at Mr. Putin. Shabby.

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It took guts which both Carlson and Putin displayed. Carlson had more to loose...Mr. Putin's gain , perhaps the timing to his upcoming election and exposure to US populations. Russia is portrayed

poorly in the US. It has been said the old guard in Russia isn't as patient. No, I don't rest

easily at night as war challenges continue and thousands of migrants cross our borders. We're loosing our country ....

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Okay, so tell us, Jon, I'm curious, WHICH western mainstrem media channels would broadcast that Putin speech and not distort the whole message?

And oh, wasn't there a peace treaty already signed by both parts in Istanbul? And do you know why Boris Johnson succeeded smashing the peace into pieces?

What exactly is your message to Mr Putin?

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As of this morning, the Tucker-Putin interview has been viewed 177 Million times on X. Factor in the millions that watched Tucker’s website or through shares and watch parties and the number is already over 200 million views… in 36 hours!

It takes Fox and CNN 200 DAYS to make the same impression with their evening news.

Here are just a few of the “Conspiracies” that Putin dropped on 200 million viewers:

* The CIA, the elites and the ruling class controls US Presidents and can override any decision made by POTUS

*The CIA blew up the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. And he’s got proof.

*The US (CIA) was responsible for the 2014 Color Revolution that overthrow the elected Ukrainian Government and has been actively interfering in elections there since 2008.

*The Nazi ideology lives on in the West.

*The US is essentially a Propaganda factory.

*The United States controls the war of propaganda.

* Russia is operating in Ukraine to stop the war that the CIA already started in 2014 and Ukraine is being run by NEO NAZIS

*The US is trying to “intimidate their population with an imaginary Russian threat”.

the MSM is beyond apoplectic. Google “Putin Interview” and read the hilarious headlines.

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What we learned from the interview is that actually Putin is not able to communicate appropriately to a Western audience. We need 30 second sound-bites with catchy phrases. Not 2 hour history lessons that explain the background story. Actually CIA does a much better job stating "we are the good ones, they are evil". Every 3 year old understands this. It's sad to see that he is polite and assumes we are on the same intellectual level as he is, totally missing this opportunity. Neither Biden nor Scholz know anything about Kingis Khan, the Roman Empire or the fact that Ukraine has actually been ruled by Lithuanians and Poles in the past. For them, only the last 5 years at most count. They have already forgotten everything before that anyway.

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Jon, I think you're brilliant, the sober sage superior of Hunter Thompson but. . . I don't think you and I watched the same interview. ❤🇺🇸 ❓❓

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Mr Putin, six months ago the Murkins bombed thir own peole in Hawaii with DEWs. Flattened a whole town in an afternoon. Probaly because the peeps had dreams of self-determination. How are things going in Chechnya?

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I find myself not interested into getting sucked into this interview. Surprising that it took place yes. Inquirer inquiring Putin. Allowed. Offer accepted. Tucker on the move. Putin flexin. The crowd goes wild. Who dies today? Who dies tomorrow? Who's or what's the next attention grabber? Oh but I should be interested. What's wrong with me? Opportunity of a lifetime to make more sense of world dynamics.

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Feb 10·edited Feb 10

> Are you the President or the absolute President?”

REPLY: In the US the absolute president is chosen from the selection pool. So the real power never changes here either. Honesty on your part would point this out.

Putin's approval in Russia is very high, that is why he is being re-elected time and again.

Fine you give excuses for Biden. I am just sick of the presidential selection process. Is it true that Biden and Trump are the very best people for the presidency we the people can choose from? Certainly they have the financial backing. But money should not be what determines who is elected.

Putin also takes direct questions when he hold a yearly meeting where anyone in Russia ( from Europe to furthest Siberia on the Pacific Coast) can ask questions and it last for far more than 4 hours. He has been embarrassed a few times. So now the governors of each of the provinces must attend those meetings (via internet for most of them) to answer the specific question Putin doesn't know.

I have never seen a US president take a free for all question from any audience. So Putin impresses me with both his deep knowledge of Russia and the peoples needs and the fact that those issue brought up by the people to Putin get fixed. If not Putin will be in for a rough time the following year.

We have never had a president or an congress creature who has the stamina and depth of knowledge of the nation and the world that Putin has, or the guts to see problems brought to his attention by the citizens of Russia solved.

If you wish I can provide a time line on the Ukraine SMO/NATO events. I was totally confused by the US insisting on placing NATO in Ukraine when JFK was willing to go to Nuclear War against the USSR when Nikita Khrushchev intended to install missiles in Cuba. You remember the Cuban Missile Crisis.

What I learned is that both Ukraine and Gaza have something in common.


Please read


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Jon says,

"At one point, Putin said everybody knows the CIA blew up the Nord Stream pipeline. Tucker could have said: “In a court of law, could you prove that?”

Tucker could also have said, “Since no such court would hear the case, why don’t you just publish the proof for all the world to see? The detailed case against the CIA.” "

Actually Tucker DID say words to this effect. I am surprised that Jon missed this part of the interview. Maybe he was taking a break. Jon is usually so on-point with everything.

I think Putin has his reasons for not pushing out, daily, to a billion people, the truth about the Nordstream. Reasons that may not be apparent on the surface.

Personally I enjoyed the interview and, after having heard Hal Turner's prediction a few days prior, listening to Putin calmed me all the way down and now I am much happier. You don't want to know what Hal Turner said. I will never listen to that guy again.

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Tucker: From the history of Russia that you have told me, can you tell me what is a Russian?

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Sounds like a huge kindergarden party in the comments here. All of you, exept Jon. You were « entertained »? You were « interested »? You like small talkers don't you? Because this is what Putin is. An intelligent leader would have end the Ukraine conflict AND the Palestine at the same time. Maybe this is all you deserved thought : entertainement and interesting small talkers. Donbass is producing 300 000 tons of lithium a year. This is, between other reasons, why Putin invaded Ukraine. The other point you all miss is that there is no difference between Putin's rabbits easterners, and Biden's (or Donald's) little ducks westerners. The big corporates are just having a face lift, but now, the technocrats wants the milice aided by the techs to established their digital nightmare, the open sky digital concentration camp. They all agree on that. SDG bullshit. Climate scam. Green energy. Taxes on carbon, a renewable resource making the earth florish. Thay want to kill and imprisoned the free people, they are confiscating the land, they put the dissidents patriots in jail, and overall, they want the absolute control of all the resources. This is what the « rulers » wants, in every country. Russia doesn't need military bases : the US bases are serving them too in that slavshitshow confusion of all shitshows.

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Carlson was petrified of Putin, Mr. Rappaport. I would have been too. Strip searched several times, surrounded by heavies in the shadows throughout the interview, and I wouldn’t call Putin the avuncular type. Thank you for your essay, though. You are quite correct.

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I didn't see it that way. I thought Tucker was under prepared. I've watched Putin's UN addresses for 30 years--no difference. He is a most consistent leader. Not much reason for Tucker to have expected sound-bite answers, and American impatience was in full display. All that said, you and Tucker great; thank you.

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