the slogan would be Let's Roll... and the new agenda could be Rolled Out with more quips like "You haven't been fleeced you've been ROLLED.....by your Government!"... "Keep Your Head Up"... Rollin Rollin Rollin Keep them doggies Rollin as a theme song.. You get the point!

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Great fucking article. This is why I subscribe to your work. This article is why I don't read the mainstream press or watch bullshit on the boob tube. I have always said one can win the war and lose the race. Jon is absolutely correct. Show the public what really happens when an Abortionist cuts the fetus bit by bit out of the womb. Show the public a drug overdose in an ER room. Foaming at the mouth, eyes dead like a fish etc. Put them front and centre in a trauma ward after a solider stepped on a land mine and half his body is gone and he's screaming for his mother and then tell them this is what war is really like. Then ask them if they want their young son, a boy they raised from birth, to go die for a fucking corporations profits. Yes, Jon is right. Show them reality. Not a fucking movie.

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Heartily agree with what you are proposing........one issue candidates......maybe there should be twenty of them, the issues are so many and diverse. And they would need a platform to get the messages across as msm certainly won't cover them.

Someone like Tucker Carlson who preaches his unbiased status and willingness to spread truth and justice. Unfortunately there's fat chance of him doing it. He is too deep in the system, no matter what his reason not to play ball. Seems he may even be getting together with Musk for some little enterprise. I'd bet London to a brick he wouldn't. Or what about Joe Rogan? Best mates with niel the disgraced bison, ardent believer in the moonlandings all of a sudden, fervent believer in alien stories, subtly spreading the pedelite agenda...He is now a classic case of controlled opposition. (mind you they dangled quite the juicy carrot for him)..Zero chance there.......

Or what about young Elon, the felon.? He rabbits on relentlessly about free speech etc., let's see if he would let Twitter be the platform. Not a snowball's chance in hell. If he in fact is not just the latest pedelite posterchild (as killbill was for a while til people twigged to his demented and psychotic agendas).....if he's not, well I'll be the son of a bookmaker.. His reusable vertical landing space rocket programs and god knows whatever else ..populating Mars etc, are such bullshit cgi fantasies that I can't believe anyone in their right minds would go along with if they bothered to do a little logical research. One needs to remember that the only thing Nasa has taken into space is your imagination - courtesy of eighty million dollars per day they are awarded of American tax payer's hard earned money.

So how is the message going to get out to the 99.9% ?

And anyway, even it by some miracle it gets the coverage it really is moot - the election will be rigged anyway......and then what, the effervescent and incredibly intelligent Kamala becomes president courtesy of o'biden's impending heart attack.

God help us.

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The way, Jon talks about this radical but common sense political approach , had me laughing in hysterics for quite a long time. Very entertaining podcast.

There is nothing more macabre, enlightening, grisly , and effective than a BRAVE politician, showing a child’s severed head ,from the Mexican cartel murderers, rolling down the street….to drive a point home !

Now , I am going to go enjoy Vincent Price in”House of Wax”…..after that “ Texas Chainsaw Massacre”….

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Jon: NO! Americans will NOT be outraged by any of the situations you cite in your article. Americans put up with their children being masked, jabbed with an experimental drug, and kept out of school. Americans don't even care about their kids.

All Americans care about is food, drink, and entertainment.

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What about 10 Alex Joneses running to add to the other 10 hammering on a single issue for 18 months? Creating some heathy competition. What about a 100? 1000?

There are easily 1000 issues that are unAmerican. So there is room. And all of them would fall under the category of unconstitutional, meaning organized intentional crimes against The Law of The Land. Unlawful.

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Let’s go in the opposite direction. We can’t really expect anything from the main line/assembly line. How about someone running on an absurdist platform? Or a puppeteer or someone with a platform of humor, Joy, and let the good times roll! The presidential election should be exposed.

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