We have to be extremely focused and mindful on where and who we're placing our energy- often we neglect ourselves and our health at the expense of hope in another.

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Personally I am beginning to feel a real con job is happening, and I am tired of it. Notice every time Trump gets arrested a big Hollywood production goes out along with send more money then rally’s and adds saying I am an innocent man!

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Well... in a way, you're right!! There IS a con-job going on!! But it's not quite the way you perceive it!! The con-artists (aka... confidence men or grifters) are all on the side of the DemoCommuFascists (aka... deep state and main stream media)!!

Trump is their main target because he's heading up the biggest "sting" operation this world has ever seen (other than God will punish you if you don't pay tribute to the church)!!

As he has said, "They're not after me. They're after you. I'm just in the way."

The "tools" and methods they've used for decades to destroy their opposition, have mostly been neutralized and all the "mud" they've thrown at him has not stuck because he IS an innocent man who has never participated in their corruption and evil debauchery!!!

If you were in his position, would you not blast out a "Hollywood production" to highlight their criminality and total failures??

It's like turning on a light in a room infested with cockroaches!! They scatter and hide!! And then... you know where to place the traps so you can get them the next time they come out!!!

The "human" (I use that term advisedly) roaches are in panic mode because they know they are losing their final battle to retain control!! But they will not give up!! They will continue to fight back as long as they can... train derailments... huge forest fires... "suicides" of witnesses... world-wide bio-weapon deployments (aka...vaccines)... wars... and, of course, constant mind-numbing propaganda!!

Stay awake!! Question ALL the official "news"!!

And, above all, stay calm!! FEAR is debilitating, and... it is their weapon of choice!!

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And if he change his mind on our shared values, or was not ever re-elected, or moved to another country, or got in and locked you down again until he could get you the fastest vaccine in town or had a big downturn in his health or died. Then what?

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Jul 10, 2023·edited Jul 10, 2023

But...Mommy... what if....??? Suppose for a moment that he (in the face of legions of medical fraudsters and millions of duped citizens) had taken it upon himself (not a doctor) to countermand the rollout of the bio-weapon... and imagine what kind of nuclear uproar would have ensued!!! And...suppose further... that he was perhaps naive enough to believe the vaccines were actually vaccines!!!

Now, picture what would have happened to the world (without those vaccines) if there had been no way to stop the "lockdowns" and the resulting destruction of societies world wide!! Remember... they were saying it would take 10 years(!) to come up with a vaccine!!!

Trump coerced them into coming out with their poison much sooner than they had planned, resulting in the criminals falsely praising their bio-weapons for the fact that so few people actually got the fake virus!!! By forcing them to launch their weapons early he actually saved millions of lives by curtailing the "lockdowns"!!!

If he "had a big downturn in his health or died. Then what?"

If you reach any further... your shoulder will pop out of its socket!!!

If he lost his health we'd just call him Joe Biden!!

If he died... I wouldn't vote for him!!!

Now... do you recall the medical tents and ships, and all the ventilators he sent to NY and CA that remained totally empty and unused...while Cuomo was moving frail elderly from nursing care to germ ridden hospitals???

Are you awake yet...or are you simply determined to keep playing "What if?"... until the wackos (you?) kill all the cows (food) in the name of saving humanity???

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No really, what are YOU going to do if Trump cant play?

Thats my question.

Not the 3D chess moves that only Trumpers have the high intelligence to recognise.

Vote Trump. That is a grand idea.

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"No really", do you actually give a rat's patoot what I am going to do about anything???

I can tell you this much...I will not stoop to childish innuendo and denigration of your or anyone else's intelligence even though I may have my doubts!!!

Actually "vote Trump" IS a grand idea!!!

Now... go back to your handlers and tell them you need more training in how to discourage and demoralize your opposition!

Or, go hang out with AOC and John Fetterman and tell them how smart they are!!!

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Hahaha. Love it.

I just like asking that question. Im really curious. What will you do if the Donald cant come out and play? Where will you go? What will you do? Will there be a 12 step programs created for Trumpers Anonymous? So you can make it through each day? Im just curious?

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Unfortunately I can't disagree with this observation and I like to argue...

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Jul 10, 2023·edited Jul 10, 2023

There is no POLITICAL Way out of this, if you mean by "Voting Better" or believing that there really is a Good Guy/Gal who won't pull the old BAit & Switcheroo once in office, be it Local, State or National. To push for RFKJr now shows what a blind spot people have in their wishful thinking. It's the same Playbook used by DJT in 2016 and his famous words to the America First Patriots of any political party: IF I CAN"T DO IT, NOBODY CAN! He didn't, and Jan62020 proves Nobody Can.

PS- If you live in a "Swing State" like I do, aboth Parties sold us out. MIchigulag, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, any one of those States could have made the difference in 2020 if their RINO State Legislatures weren't in on the Fix. I live in Michigulag and knew that Dominion and the Ground Game ensured that FJB never had to leave his basement to "win." This truly was a Coup d'Etat, but Mr. Operation Warp Speed sold us out.

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If you're not, as Peter Pan puts it, a liberal deceiver (and even if you are) ...then you know full well that "Jan 6" was NOT what the "liberal deceivers" have made it out to be!!! It was a fraud, aided and abetted (on video no less) by FBI/Antifa activists and compromised Capitol police!! The real insurrection occurred on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 when they (you?) overthrew the duly elected President of the United States!! btw... that's called Treason!!!

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Glad you have your Troll Radar up, but it's giving you a false positive on me. Maybe you live in a State that has no history of Voter/Election Fraud. I voted for DJT in 2016 and he won by the Electoral votes from Michigan, where I live. Hotly contested right down to the Electoral College voting where there was a huge move for the Electors not to honor the final vote going to Trump. I prayed he'd not sell us out in any big way once he was in office. I cut him undue slack for all the betrayals untill Jan.2020 with his full participation in militarizing the Covid Scam to take our country down the Rathole Reset. Too many people defend him for this action, that he had no choice. But wouldn't that be the Sword to fall on if you really were trying to protect our country and our Constitution? Nevertheless, I believe DJT won the 2020 election overwhelming and the protest on Jan6-2021 was a just one. But, the true believers were thrown to the Wolves, the Infiltrators and undercover Traitors, LEO, you mention. That culminated the Coup.

Bottomline: NOthing was fixed about Election Fraud in 2020 because DJT let it go, and nothing will be done for 2024 obviously. I am old, and have been through this since 1968. Pardon me for my cynicism that voting any longer is just a sign of cooperation/submission to that Coup.

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Susan, your sense of defeat makes my heart hurt!!

I apologize for lumping you in with the troll brigades!!

I know it seems that Trump let us down but... consider that if he had "fallen on that sword" the entire "behind the scenes" take down of the evil class would have failed! He is the target and the bait to keep the vermin coming out of their closets while the exterminators are working in the background. And they are(!) working!!

I think the breadth and depth of the fetid swamp even surprised Trump once he could see it from the inside!! That is why it is taking longer to drain it than many of us foresaw or hoped!!

They have been using the teachings of Sun Tzu (The Art of War) and the principles of game theory to unwind and deconstruct the worldwide infestation of fascism that started with Operation Paperclip at the end of WWII.

I have complained from the moment he was elected that he should just eliminate the FBI, CIA, FDA, and on, and on!! But in hindsight I realize that would not have succeeded because the vast majority of people were still asleep and main stream propaganda was at full strength!!

I have, begrudgingly, come to realize that it "had to be this way" in order to bring the vermin into the open and have those sleeping people see them and thereby wake up!!

Now... election procedures are changing and even 50% of democrats now say if they had known the Hunter laptop was real they would not have voted for "Brandon"!! That's HUGE!!!

And it bodes well for 2024 and should help lift some of the heaviness from your heart!! "The storm" Trump mentioned is here but the light IS coming!!

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Thank you for your thoughtful response. I agree that the Vermin are being exposed. Patience runs very thin in this old lady, so glad to turn over the Hope mantle to younger spirits.

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Jul 11, 2023·edited Jul 12, 2023

No "younger spirits" here other than learning more and more about how this "reality" actually functions!!

There's at least an even chance that I've been around the sun at least as many and perhaps more times than you have!! ;-)

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just turned LXXVI - if you can figure that out, you probably are as old as me 😎

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I do believe this is Jon's best podcast to date. Jon is right in his observation that one can't take on the swamp head on. It's too big. Starve it of money and complicity. Take back control at the local and the State level. I also admire and agree with his historical perspective. A historical context that is never taught in the public school system. And for good reason-The swamp doesn't want the serf's to know that they don't have to be serf's. The Swamp hates freedom, imagination, creativity and individual uniqueness. The swamp loves algorithm's and conformity. The swamp loves slavery and war. The swamp worships death. Starve these wretched, vile pricks out of existence. Keep spreading the faith Jon Rappoport.

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...a liberal deceiver, you've gotta be kidding me....KENNEDY IS PROBABLY OUR ONLY WAY OUT OF THIS MESS........

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I tend to like RFK, Jr but I think he suffers from the same illusion that got his father and uncle killed!! He thinks that if he becomes President he'll have some actual power to affect change!! Both he and Trump are highly intelligent and determined men but... the main thing Trump has that Jr does not... is a wide and deep backup organization that is actually beating the "deep state" at their own game!!

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Evidently you have NOT listened very closely to RFK Jr. He knows the deep state and if you think Trump can affect it, but didn't, give RFK Jr. a shot. If he is assasinated, it will wake up the masses even more than Trump could ever do....... AND Trump needs to be called out on "why" he gaved to the vaccine moguls.......

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Certainly he "knows" but knowing is a far cry from being able to do anything about it!! So, shall we just put him in there as a sacrificial lamb to wake up the masses??

As for why Trump apparently "caved" to the vaccine criminals... read my responses to Sean Garrisson and Susan Remer!!

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