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Any free energy has already been discovered, patented, and classified. Only to be released at an opportune time.

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The Stan Meyer story is fascinating. I was a fan. I later learned he wasn't making pure hydrogen, but something called Browns gas Browns gas has its own folklore that would be fun to explore. Apparently Irving Langmuir had messed around with it before Yule Brown discovered it. Langmuir also observed what we now refer to as cold fusion. Since he worked for GE, he couldn't investigate the anomolous stuff seriously.

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Everything rotates. Everything vibrates. We have a minicule understanding of what energy is... If you can call it that at all. Its about control... Abundant chearp and freely available energy from a source like water....well as J p Moron said to Tesla..."Where you gonna put the meter?". Translation: What use would anyone have for me in a world like that? Peoplel would be free!.. Free to explore their own potentiel, I would be... Well I just can't imagine! (And there in lies the rub).

Thanks again Jon

Nature is visible spirit, spirit is invisible nature.

Learn only in order that you yourself may create. Only this divine ability to create makes a true human being; without it one is simply a cleverly constructed machine [...]"

For freedom is here, not the property of man, but the other way around: Man is at best the property of freedom. Freedom Is the encompassing and penetrating nature, in which man becomes man only when he is anchored there. That means the nature of man is grounded in freedom. But freedom itself is a determination of true Being in general which transcends all human being.

Freidrch Schelling

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Resonance is the key. These technologies will soon be revealed.

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What will come first: a world without cash or a world without electricity bills?

Isn't it funny that people can pay for electricity with electric money, that only "exists" as long as computers are up and the net is OK?

A blackout means no money for anything. Which may be the jolt people need to wake up from the trance.

I prophesy there will be no blackouts. There will be fake blackouts, like the plandemic. People will have electricity, but the phone will yell at them there is no power. "If the little god on the phone says there is no light and the ice cream is melting, then I don't need any more proof. It's an emergency!"

The members of Murderer Class that rules Humanity will be rolling on the floor laughing that evening.

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Jon, have you heard of George Wiseman, inventor of the Aquacure? It's a Browns gas machine that many people use for its health benefits. It's a great benefit, in my experience, to breathe hydrogen gas and drink hydrogen infused water.

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Consider a vibrating water molecule, if you add an AC current at the same frequency of that vibration, you would perhaps increase that vibration. Maybe even separate the 2 elements using the natural background energy. Thus in theory using less energy than a DC current that achieves separation of hydrogen and oxygen.

An example is a HVAC system that achieves over unity by using ambient heating and cooling.

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Consider a different possible source of energy- nontoxic (including its "waste products")-- if its existence is true: deuterium.

Article from 2019:


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I am quite suspicious to say the least that water can efficiently generate enough energy for automobiles, but I do know that the miracle of energy is that bullshit can generate leftist PCSJW’s…..

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Those patents are freely available so anyone can test for the "reality factor".

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When I was a kid I met a man that claim he invented ways to run cars on water. He was a mechanic at a gas station that he owned and help me with a flat tire repair I think in southern california somewhere. Also I had a mechanic ten years ago in Arizona that bought a manual on how to convert gas engine to a water engine and it sounded easy but rust was some kind of issue I recall us talking about. I have always though Id love to have one and keep it on the down low.

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Hi Jon, love your work. I believe this is George Wiseman’s site: https://eagle-research.com/what-is-browns-gas/?doing_wp_cron=1659674986.6988248825073242187500

Do you have a link to the scientist you mentioned who knows the resonant frequency for splitting water molecules?

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