If you were a "bad guy" who had second thoughts - or a "good guy" who had found a kindred spirit - who would you want to help you get the word out?

Jon Rappoport, investigative reporter extraordinaire of ACTUAL conspiracies.

These interviews are gold. As are the Matrix collections themselves.

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Great project and added value for subscribers! The key is to show many more people how they are being controlled and why ... It's definitely NOT to increase their personal freedom or liberty ... it's the exact opposite. This decades-long program has worked and won't stop now.

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Show "them" how *they" are being controlled? Hahahaha. That is funny as hell. How many have you convinced personally? I mean I find most people are very open to hearing such info.




Use your imagination to determine what you desire. Then get off your ass and start working towards what to you know is yours. The Universe will do the rest for you.

No one needs to teach shit to those ready to be Human.

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Thank You So Much Jon. I have wanted your programs for a long time. God Bless You!

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I've read them.

The depth that people can be hypnotized/mind controlled deliberately without even remotely knowing or admitting the possibility that they themselves actually are or could be, and how they are contributing to it, is really interesting to look at. And the ways it starts in the first place.

I think it is a science.

And the profound yet simple ways out of it are clearly detailed in these interviews.


Best stuff ever.

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I'm 22 pages into the first part of the Ellis interviews. It is depressing reading. The last three years of Covid Cult Panic were depressing enough and now Ellis confirms that everyone is being manipulated.

I see that one commenter here thinks it is a satire. I hope the interviews are satires. If a person like Ellis really exists, and I think people like Ellis DO exist, I guess P. T. Barnum was right.

"A sucker is born every minute."

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Sounds like another of your welcome satires. At least I hope it is!

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