I don't think any of us have one iota of confidence that there will be an investigation or remedy to this malevolence. The answer to the question on whether or not this was a psy-op or simple human incompetence remains up for grabs, that said, it is still a sign of a rapidly degrading society. All by design of course.

Jon, as always I am grateful for your relentless voice of truth. Perhaps some day more people will take up the arms of protest and stop complying with their own enslavement.

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From Tom Renz, quoting Progress Ohio: "According to the Ohio Secretary of State’s website, Norfolk Southern and its affiliates made over 100 contributions to Ohio state officials and candidates over the last five years. Including $29,000 to Gov. DeWine’s campaign and transition team, totaling nearly $100,000.

Since DeWine took office, Norfolk Southern has given him and other Ohio lawmakers $73,000 and successfully killed bipartisan railway safety legislation that would have helped protect railroad workers and the communities their trains passed through. "

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February 17, 2023 Baxter Dmitry

‘Inside Job’: CDC Changed Toxicity Info on Vinyl Chloride Days Before Derailment

The CDC edited the toxicology profile for vinyl chloride, massively increasing the lethal exposure level and removing information about how the chemical affects children, just two weeks before the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio that spewed vast quantities of the chemical into the environment.

The CDC edited the toxicology profile for vinyl chloride, massively increasing the lethal exposure level and removing information about how the chemical affects children, just two weeks before the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio that spewed vast quantities of the chemical into the environment.

The CDC update changed the lethal exposure from 100PPM to 100,000PPM. The lethal exposure level had remained the same for 17 years before the CDC decided to update the number just prior to the derailment, where highly toxic chemicals spilled or were burned off, leaving a chemical stench in the air nearly two weeks later.

The catastrophe has been downplayed by Biden administration and the media, and the Environmental Protection Agency has deemed the water “safe to drink” – despite the existing reports of wildlife and pets dying in the affected area.



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All vaccines are toxic. But there are no safety studies. Without those, we cannot know how toxic they are, who is more affected, and who is less affected, and how much time it takes. This is information that is unwanted.

Same with dioxins and other stuff. They basically don't exist. Every bad thing that happens, like multiple sclerosis or endometriosis or testicular cancer cannot be because of these things.

It is the fault of the individual, by definition.

Define public health: good intentions plus infinite gaslighting.

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Great podcast Jon. You always boil things down in such a cohesive and well-presented fashion. I have little tolerance for public speakers who seem not to have paid attention to the lessons in grammar. Even your tone has a relaxing quality to it. As always a great podcast.

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All the money I've invested in your material, including your explosive collections, has helped me a lot.

Thank you so much, Jon.

As an anarchist, I think there should be no regulations from government, because there should be no government. Government regulations exist to give an easy way out from justice. It is cheaper for them to have non-justice.

I'm still trying to imagine my way out of anarchism, into the idea of how a Jeffersonian government could work. I'm so skeptical of that. Am I lacking in imagination?

Thanks for this podcast.

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Democracy Now (which has been in lockstep for the last 10 years with the rest of the CFR controlled MSM media) was taken off the local WGBH Boston station today, presumably because they tried to report what really is happening in Ohio from witnesses on the ground, not the government narrative. Not only that, but they showed a clip from the Netflix 2022 pic "White Noise" which is based on a book by Don Delillo in 1985 that "coincidentally" describes a similar toxic chemical spill tragedy in Ohio.

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Holdjurehorses on the gubbermint not wanting to confiscate lots and lots of farmland because it's "dangerously polluted" and you need to come live in our "smart cities"! By the way, Desantis is big time on board with making Florida a 15 minute state. And we thought he wuzza anticovid superhero...

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“ As TGP has reported, footage has emerged of the Norfolk Southern train moments before it derailed on Feb. 3. The footage reveals an axle on the train went aflame at least 40 minutes prior to the derailment, indicating the accident was preventable.”

“ When pressed for more information about the disastrous train derailment, Moore’s associates who are first responders and railroad workers are tight-lipped. They were required to sign a non-disclosure agreement prohibiting them from discussing the incident.”

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This is a potentially catastrophic issue in California.


“ Ranchers in heart of California concerned about 100’s of rail cars full of unknown substances brought out to heart of agricultural land and head of aqueduct to San Francisco unordered by landowners. No one knows what or why they are here🔥”

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I agree 100% I’ve always had cats and we don’t have a mouse problem. I had a conversation with a friend at breakfast just this morning and I chose to use it as an analogy of how convicted we sometimes tend to be in our belief systems. Why I can’t recall😂

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Thanks so much Jon for your clear, critical thinking, hard hitting and even sometimes funny journalism.

Here’s a comment I found on a YouTube video discussion of the Ohio train derailment.


THEY COULD HAVE NEUTRALIZED IT INTO SALT WATER!!!!!! Vinyl chloride can be neutralized by a strong base

such as sodium hydroxide (NaOH) or calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2). When these bases are added to vinyl chloride,

they react with the acidic chloride groups in the molecule, forming salt and water. For example, when sodium

hydroxide is added to vinyl chloride, the following reaction takes place: CH2=CHCI + NaOH > CH2=CHNa + H20

+ NaCI In this reaction, the sodium hydroxide (NaOH) reacts with the vinyl chloride (CH2=CHCI) to form sodium

vinylide (CH2=CHNa) and salt (Nacl), along with water (H20).”

I have little knowledge of chemistry myself but this person sounds like they know what they’re talking about.

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There has to be limits on the amount of that level of toxin one train can carry. Did they just change that too like they just changed the toxicity levels of this train chemical from 100 ppm to 100,000. That is what I've heard. Was there any stock market clues that shows preknowledge?

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"Facts on the ground. They are keeping us away from the facts."

"Planned attack."

What if there are no facts to be hide?

What if this one is a psyop designed only for the smartest, the most jaded and cynical?

I'm asking that to everyone.

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