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I’ve dug up many vital facts and I’ll lay them out for you

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Jon Rappoport
I have many stories to tell. Inside stories of my experiences over the last 40 years as a reporter. The people I met, got to know, the conversations, the flesh and blood, behind the data. The podcasts will range over VERY wide territory.
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In this podcast, I attack, from a number of different angles, the sparse cover story we’re being fed—so I can give you as much information as possible about:

The chemicals.

The spreading danger.

The refusal of the Biden administration, and the governor of Ohio, to declare a disaster and go all in on supplying aid to the people of East Palestine—until Donald Trump announced he’s planning to visit.

The politics in play.

The lax safety regulations governing the trains.

The giant criminal stupidity involved in transporting the dangerous chemicals.

The choice to burn the vinyl chloride and create a toxic cloud.

The short and long term health effects.

The major media approach to the disaster.

The culpability of the Norfolk Southern Railway.

The railroad car that caught on fire.

The most likely account of how the derailment happened.

Was the accident actually intentional?

The lack of transparency in what we’re being told.

I’m going to give all this to you straight…without distorting evidence to satisfy a prior bias. You’ll know when a vital question still needs an answer, and when I’ve nailed down something big.

Join me in this important podcast.

The Ohio disaster is not the last time something like this happens. The stage is set for more horrific events.

As always, thank you for your support.

-- Jon Rappoport

Rappoport Podcasts, Episode 037 (Part 1) (For Part 2, click here)


“Rail Companies Blocked Safety Rules Before Ohio Derailment” (Feb 8, 2023) (Levernews.com)