Thank you for this excellent analysis of the train derailment. I agree with corporate crime completely. Predictive programming seems to be in the minds of those struggling to understand this horror and give it meaning. PP has been lately the defacto reason, therefore no more thought is necessary. Our world is coming apart in front our eyes on almost a daily basis and we all want to know why. There's so much talk in online forums about the occultist groups and their psychopathic planning going back hundreds of years, but sometimes it is simply that money and government power is just out of control.

I am curious though, who might have put up the money and influence to make the movie from a book written in the 80's at this particular time. I can't believe people still watch horrible disaster films.

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Excellent coverage, Jon, and much appreciated.

While the jury on predictive programming for me is out, honestly, it is kind of immaterial to me, but I understand how people can think this given the bizarre coincidences.

1) White Noise, as you mentioned

2) The pilot program for MyID, a techno-medical plan, was introduced a few months earlier. https://twitter.com/elijahschaffer/status/1626411810869096450

3) The toxicology limits of vinyl chloride were raised just a few weeks before this incident after being unchanged for 17 years. Pdf warning https://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/toxprofiles/tp20.pdf

This is another one of those incidents with just enough weird stuff in the mix to get people thinking all kinds of things and maybe THAT is the goal?

Whether this was an accident or a planned chemrip, it does benefit the breakdown of America. As Arsenio would say, "things that make you go, hmmmmm"

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I have a different take on predictive programming. I see such films book stories scenarios as occult magik directing the power of consciousness to increase the probability of a thing happening. We man kind our consciousness creating reality so just as an occultist would create a ceremony that models a desired event, such as a mock kill to bring success in the hunt programming the entire tribes with expectations of success so they dream it into being. That is how I see it working so our best defense is to stop giving them our attention to direct filling our conscience with dreams of calamity

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Thanks for this, and the previous part 1. I can remember far enough back when the environmental movement was all about corporate crime, and real poisons you could directly measure. Although I'd say most of what started as sincere human rights movements have been thoroughly captured by NGOs and hidden (and these days not so hidden) corporate money, the capture of the environmental movement by 'climate change' nonsense has been the saddest one to witness. You're right to push back on the predictive programming stuff on this disaster, it's another gimmick to keep people demanding to know what's really going on.

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I'm certainly not one to think we should or could do nothing. The PP is interesting to me to understand what we're up against. The most mind-bending example of which being Back to the Future & 9/11 in case you've not seen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1ULjJ3EqyY

The fact that it's still on YouTube though tells me it's meant to be seen.

If events were planned in advance there's no special trick to media predicting them and could be so compartmentalized almost no one would know it was happening. It would mean towers built for the purpose of demolition or a digital health system launching in Ohio a week before the event but they wouldn't be so hard to do.

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Just got this.... https://www.wnd.com/2023/02/days-ohio-train-disaster-locals-pushed-get-creepy-myid-biometric-trackers-report Looks like they are treated like lab rats for an op.

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The last two minutes are very encouraging.

Thanks for that.

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