Great! I hope you cover (then cover again) Ellis medavoy and Jack True. My favorite interviews I’ve ever read, of all time! especially with Jack True. What I would give to read his case notes. I even tried to be a detective to figure out his identity, with no luck. There’s gotta be someone out there today doing what he was doing, I would use his name to gauge whether or not the “hypno” therapist was worth going to, lol.

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Thanks Jon.

I appreciate your long distance mentorship of all of us very much.

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Jon, you deserve all the money, but many people just don't have it, and that's not going to get better anytime soon.

To make matters worse, nobody knows if the US will still have internet/electricity a year from now...

Isn't it cheaper just to buy your previous writing on nomorefakenews.com?

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thanks jon- if i could afford to i'd subscribe- fixed income doesn't allow- all the best- keep at it

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Upgrade complete! xo

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Thank you!

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This is awesome. Thank you, Jon.


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I am a monthly subscriber. I think it's worthwhile becoming a yearly subscriber...is my first reaction.

My second reaction is scepticism. Has "chatgpt" arrived on the scene? I've recently become acquainted with the technology from a millennial with whom I work. It's hideous in its capabilities.

Obviously, I know Jon would have nothing to do with that shite. This comes at the same time that I'm thinking deeply about tossing my smartphone.

If I'm to make the leap to yearly subscription, I would like to see Jon doing video presentations so that I know that it's really him. I know (or I think I know) that it's been part of the plan to get people to have no trust in anything, anybody and particularly, any organisation. If that is part of the plan for us "useless eaters", then I admit, I have succumbed. This chatgpt thing can not only write in the style of whomever is requested, I believe it can even simulate voices. The part about voices I don't know for sure, but if the technology isn't there yet, it doesn't look far away.

So, could we start seeing you again Jon?

I look forward to any and all replies as my world has shrunk markedly, and Jon is one of the voices I look forward to hearing, and hope to see as we travel these weird times.

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Good neighbors of honor:

To all walks of life seeking good Will honor for honor & finding lesser magistrates & why not One, can prove else-wiser...lol

Consider how Man triangulates reality fearfully & wonderfully made in all-fathers image & likeness by Nature's Law & Nature's (Creator/Creative) Science of Right Reason as godsons & goddaughters, in-law:

Long ago, uncovered an ancient attorning scheme by money-mongers to use religion and jurisdictional Staples via Stile-gates to deceive via social role models most historically are socially engineered to prepare all for voluntary slavery none 'normal' can discern.

So, if you want to be free, first you must be 'normal.'

Then, live by 'Normal Law."

All other laws (Common [land] Law or Law-Merchant/Maritime Law) is in suzerainty to "Normal Law." Creation exists because of "Normal Law." Any who seek else-wise, faces oblivion!

The Triple Tiara or 3 Crowns of popery institutionalized commercial religion or corporate states currently recognize only One man as "Normal" upon which all other life must be subjected to, that are beguiled into believing such pettifoggery.

Again, the 3 Crowns:

1st & highest Law: Normal Law (dominion by divine providence and imbued honor for honor).

2nd Law in Suzerainty to "Normal Law": Common Law (of the land).

3rd & in Suzerainty to "Normal Law": Maritime Law (Merchant).

For those good people of united America wishing to live honor for honor via variation by agreement, it is 'Normal Law" that serves every Joint Tenant in the Sovereignty of Creation.

It is this "normalcy in-law" that all walks of life seeking good will, honor for honor via Nature's Law & Nature's (Creator/Creative) Science of Right Reason, are soundly anchored and peacefully landmarked for all seeking safe harbor.

Be wise, safe & blessed.

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